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Sewer Line

A sewer scope is a critical inspection for any home. With average sewer line repair/replacement costs in the thousands of dollars, why take the chance? Using state of the art pipe camera equipment I am able to assess your sewer line and determine if there any defects present that may cause you future issues.

The sewer line featured in this sample video is a cast iron pipe exiting the home and then transitioning into old clay pipe. As soon as the camera enters the clay pipe, a massive root cluster can be seen blocking the entirety of the pipe. Without a sewer scope, the buyer of this home would have been stuck with the repair bill. Clay pipes on the exterior of the home are very common in New Jersey, and are where I find the majority of sewer line issues.

Septic System

If you are buying a home with a septic system, or already own one, a septic inspection is a must. Average septic system replacement costs have soared in recent years. I will perform a thorough septic inspection in accordance with NJDEP standards, exposing and inspecting each component of your system. I will also give you a detailed walk through of your system to help you understand how it works and how to maintain it.


Drainage System

Most homes have exterior sub-surface drainage systems in place to help keep water away from the house. These include gutter drain systems, curtain drains, and ground/driveway drain systems. Using the same equipment that I do to inspect sewer lines and septic systems, I am able to inspect and locate any issues in your sub-surface drainage systems.

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